Top 10 Magento Enterprise Themes

If you’re looking to have a website that best complements your blooming online store, you might want to consider this eCommerce magic. With these complimentary Magento templates, you can design the perfect website that suits your business needs. In this article, we give you a lowdown on the best and popular Magento themes that you can use. What’s even more wonderful is that they’re free.


Today’s technology has allowed us to deal business even if we’re on this side of the planet while the other party to the transaction is on the opposite end. Thanks to the wonderful advantages of using the Internet, we can enter and close business deals with so much convenience and within the comforts of our homes.

This ease of transactions has put us much closer. It has unprecedentedly changed the rhythm of our lives for the better. It has affected human behavior and altered certain habits in the way we transact our dealings. Needless to say, some business and marketing principles are also changed along the way, rendering some of the old theories obsolete.

As a result of this amazing development, many business enterprises are inclined to shift their marketing endeavors through the Internet. This is where amazing Web designs came about to attract online visitors and convert them into potential customers. In turn, this is where Magento themes can help.

One of the wonderful fruits of the Internet that greatly benefited business owners online are Magento themes. There are a wide range of beautiful designs that are free. If you’re running an eCommerce website, you need not spend a single cent to enjoy the many advantages that these fully responsive and highly adaptable Magento templates has to offer.

Why Magento templates, you might ask? Did you know these wonderful Web design layouts are highly flexible and adaptable for personalization? You can customize it to suit the unique needs of your eCommerce project. It’s not surprising that it is one of the most popular platforms.

There are a lot of Magento templates to choose from. What’s great about using these layout designs for your eCommerce website is that they have a handy, easy-to-use admin panel. These Magento themes are also very reliable and safe.

If you’re looking for Magento templates that you can choose for your online business store, look no further. We offer this list of 10 top themes for your eCommerce project. What’s great is that all these layout designs are free.



Want a free Magento theme to help you pursue your online eCommerce undertaking and make a fortune? F2 is a free Magento theme that already had an updated version released. With its sleek, elegant layout and a wide range of stylish designs to choose from, you can greatly benefit from having this type of template.

You can achieve a professional look with your eCommerce website when you use the F2 Free Magento 2.0 theme. In addition to its powerful and seductive appearance that entices customers to buy, online visitors can’t help by enjoy its stylish typography, sleek slider and headers, and fantastic grid layout.





If you’re looking for a free Magento theme that’s fully responsive and adaptable to customization to suit your unique online store requirements, this template is for you. The key features of the Ebajes template is that it has a user-friendly interface with very appealing layout. Your customers will truly enjoy it as it is easy to get used to it. When it comes to setting up an online store, this is a crucial element to ensure that your customers can conveniently navigate your website.


 Free Magento Fitness Theme




If you’re looking for an easily understandable layout for your sports online store, you should go for the free Magento fitness template. One of the key benefits of having this layout design for your website is its pleasing appeal. Your online visitors will be inclined to see your website more frequently; perhaps these visits will convert to sales.





Want a practical approach to setting up your online store website? You should go for the EROS Magento template. Your online visitors will love its full-width imagery and pleasing appeal. The EROS theme offers fantastic designs for your product landing page. It also has wonderful banners with hover effects. When combined all together, it creates a beautiful blend of elements, resulting in a clean and professional look for your website. What’s more, it’s easy to install and customize; perfect when you want to personalize your web page.




The Titany Magento template is a wonderful layout that you can use if you want to achieve a modern contemporary look for your online store website. It is also designed with a star-based rating system that helps online visitors make their choice as they browse through your products. The Titany Magento theme also has stylish round-shaped widgets






Of this list, the Cycling Magento template is one that stands out if you’re looking for a fully responsive theme characterized with its beautiful layout design and user-friendly interface. This theme is truly intended to be a great online sports store.




Shoe Store



Looking to sell shoes online? This is the Magento theme for you. The Shoe Store template is great responsive website that will suit your online business. Aside from shoes, it’s also a perfect fit when you want to sell clothes and other fashion products.






You might want to check out the HandyStore Magento template. It look very beautiful and sleek. And because it is regularly updated, it’s truly responsive to the unique, ever-changing needs of each user.

AccessShop Lite

If you need an eCommerce website that offers unique features, you might be interested with the AccessShop Lite Magento template. It can be customized to include social media buttons, a site map at the end most part of the web page, easy navigation, drop down menus, and contact form. How’s that for a personalized website that truly responds to your business needs.


If you want premium imagery for your website, get the Yume Magento theme. It also has hover effects, easy navigation, and an overall layout that’s truly responsive to your needs.

Top 10 Magento Enterprise Themes

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