Top 10 Free Magento Themes


Are you planning to start an eCommerce undertaking? You’ll definitely need a website that looks very sleek, elegant, and professional. There are plenty of ways to achieve a high-quality website. You can create one from scratch or develop one from a ready-made template. The key, however, is customization.

If you’re looking for a theme that suits your needs for your eCommerce website, perhaps you might want to consider these options. First on our list of recommendations is a CMS (content management system) layout. It’s the ideal platform where you can customize your online pages.

But if you want full control over your website in terms of personalization, Magento is one of the best CMS platforms you can use. It allows worry-free customization because it offers endless potential for modification.

Magento templates are perfect for both small and big eCommerce projects. While most online stores entail huge amounts in setting up the Web pages, you’ll be glad to know there are Magento themes that are available for free. It’s a wonderful option if you’re short on money or working on a tight budget. While these templates are free of charge, they won’t short you of its adaptability and suitability for any business use or purpose.

If you’re planning to enhance your eCommerce project, setting up an aesthetically pleasing and reliable website can greatly contribute to your business success. This will, however, entail choosing the right theme and layout.

With Magento, the possibilities are endless. There are a lot of themes and designs to choose from. Even with the templates that are free of charge, there are still plenty of these that you can select. Indeed, with the wide collection available in the market today, choosing the right one that suits your unique needs can be an overwhelming prospect. To browse through all the selections, it will take significant amount of time and effort to research all there is to arrive at the best possible decision.

If you’re looking for free Magento themes, we gladly introduce these top 10 templates for you to choose from. What’s more, we also offer a couple more Magento themes, which you might be interested. With these templates, we believe these can help you create a functional and aesthetic website that will best complement your online store.


Here are 10 sample templates that we’ve gathered from the trusted and reliable providers online. Check them out:


Fit Body Template



If you’re looking to have a website that’s both functional and attractive, this is an ideal choice for your eCommerce project. The Fit Body Magento template offers a wide range of features as well as advanced, comprehensive tools to make sure that you can get the desired look and function for your website.

Designed by Template Monster, this template offers unmatched availability of functional features. For its aesthetics, the Fit Body theme looks clean with its minimal layout. It also features gliders, hover, parallax, and galleries. In addition, this template provides its users with a fixed, user-friendly menu for easy and effective navigation. The website’s visitors can conveniently go to any page or section within the website on the fly.





For a distinctly compelling aesthetics without compromising quality of the website’s functionality and ease of use, the Trex Magento template is your ideal choice. It is a dynamic layout that allows you to create a look that’s clean and simple yet elegant at the same time.

This Magento theme is fully responsive and highly customizable. Whether the online user is accessing the website using a regular desktop computer or a mobile device, the Trex template offers a surreal and splendid performance. It’s definitely something you might want to consider when choosing a CMS platform for your eCommerce project.


 Watch Store Template



If you’re looking for a Magento theme that’s up-to-date with the latest designs and layouts, the Watch Store template is a good pick for your website. With this type of layout, you can create a powerful website for your online store; a website that’s very stylish yet functional and easy to navigate. You can rely on its minimal and clean layout for its user-friendly features and settings. What better way to showcase your online eCommerce undertaking and products or services than with this template. With the Watch Store Magento template, it’s the best way to do it.





If you’re looking for something that’s versatile and easy to customize for any eCommerce project, you’ll really enjoy the HelloMagento template. Many experts deem it the perfect complement for virtually any type of online store. Its best features include having a simple yet stylish layout and easy navigation. How’s that for convenience and pleasing aesthetics. With its clean design, the online visitor can easily focus on the products or services offered on the website rather than be distracted on the visual embellishments therein.




Planning to sell products on your website? You can greatly benefits from having a website that looks very professional yet casually cool. With the AccessShop Magento template, you can achieve the type of website that will suit your unique, individual needs. It’s fully responsive and can be personalized to your liking. With this layout, you can build an up-to-date website that performs well on any screen, whether on a computer desktop or mobile phone or tablet.


Wine Shop



If your online business is focused on selling wines, this is the Magento template for you. Incidentally it is name accordingly. But the good thing though is that the Wine Shop Magento theme also works best on any other type of commercial undertaking. You can also use this layout if you’re looking sell sports items, put up clothes for sale, or set up a gift store online. The possibilities are endless.




With its smart and neat appearance and fully responsive layout, the Cycling Magento theme is another good choice if you’re looking to showcase your products in the most effective way possible. Again, this template also performs equally well on both desktop and mobile platforms.





Tired of having highly excessive elements on your website? With the Grayscale template, it allows you to design your eCommerce site without too much fuss. It looks clean and simple, allowing the online visitors to focus more on the product you’re offering.





Just like the abovemention templates, the Eros theme looks clean and allows for a smooth performance on the tablet or desktop. It also provides easy customization with its advanced features and fully responsive quality.





If you want the product gallery to have minimalist look, one that has less effects, the HandyStore theme is for you. This layout design allows you to personalize it so it can adapt for all screen resolutions. It’s highly responsive and aesthetically pleasing too.



Top 10 Free Magento Themes

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